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Helical Piles

Helical piles are ideal for new construction & remodeling projects to be built on unstable soils.

This environmentally friendly system provides a clean and quick installation procedure to keep projects on schedule. A hydraulic gear motor mounted on a skid steer or mini-excavator is used to screw in the HDG (Hot dip galvanized) helical pile thru the soil as torque is monitored to achieve required load capacities. A steel plate is than welded on top of the pile and encased into the new concrete foundation. The pile can be loaded immediately. Unlimited uses for helical piles: Home additions, Swimming pools, privacy walls, Concrete slabs / decks, Generator pads, underpinning existing foundation, retaining walls, reinforce existing foundation for second story addition etc. Load capacities up to 20 tons design with geotech’s approval. Higher loads can be achieved with Micro Piles. Accessibility from 30" to 6' Wide.


Helical Piles with Brackets

Helical piles can also be used in conjunction with brackets to underpin existing concrete foundations to either stop settlement or reinforce for additional loading. In some cases, hydraulic jacks can be manifolded together to simultaneously raise the foundation to close cracks, level out floors and restore property value.


Slab Piers

An inside or outside concrete slab that has settled can be saved using this system. The slab is core drilled on approx. 5' centers to allow the installation of a helical pile in conjunction with a Galvanized steel channel to support the slab. If possible the slab is then strategically raised and stabilized to its original level. In some cases this can be achieved without having to move out.


Porch Piers

Porch Piers This pile system is ideal to stabilize or raise the perimeter of a slab that has settled. A helical pile is installed adjacent to the slab with a low profile Galvanized bracket to underpin it. No cutting of the slab is required.


Helical Tiebcaks

Helical tieback anchors are anchoring systems used to horizontally reinforce and stabilize permanent and temporary structures subject to lateral loads from earth and water. These can be used in conjunction with sheet piles, or encased in concrete for seawall bulkheads or even retaining walls.



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